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You can bring some waste from DIY home improvements to our recycling centres.

It can include bricks and rubble, plasterboard, bathroom and kitchen fittings, soil and turf, paving slabs and stones, fence panels, and decking.

We'll accept your DIY waste if it:

  1. is produced by householders doing small construction or demolition works at their home
  2. does not come from paid work. For example, if a builder carries out work at your home and leaves the waste, that waste can't be brought to a recycling centre
  3. is no more than two 50 litre rubble bags or one bulky item like a bath (no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm)
  4. is not produced so often you need to visit more than 4 times over a 4 week period.

We'll accept up to 4 weeks' DIY waste in a single visit, but you can't bring any more for another 4 weeks.

Bulky items

We'll accept two 50 litre rubble bags or one bulky item in a single visit. Examples of bulky items include:

  • 1 bath or sink
  • 1 toilet or bidet
  • 1 kitchen cupboard, sink or worktop
  • 1 internal or external door
  • 1 fence panel
  • 1 window frame.


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