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Hertfordshire County Council

Why we need your information

The data on this form is being gathered for the purpose of proposing topics for consideration for scrutiny. Hertfordshire County Council will use this information to contact individuals that propose a topic for scrutiny via the Hertfordshire County Council website in order to discuss their proposal.

This information is being gathered and will be processed on the basis that you are giving consent for us to do so. If you wish to withdraw consent at any time you can do so by emailing  

What we will do with your information

The information you give us will be held by the Scrutiny team of Hertfordshire County Council and will only be used to contact you to discuss and/or find out more about your proposal.   

We will not share this information with a third party or use it for any other purpose.

How long we will keep your information

The information that you supply to us will be kept on file for 3 years; or until the topic has been either considered by scrutiny councillors and a decision taken not to add it to the work programme; or until the topic has been scrutinised and all recommendations have been signed off by the Impact of Scrutiny Advisory Committee, whichever is sooner.

For more information on your rights in respect of information we hold about you please see our Privacy Policy.

  • Please fill in this form if you are a member of the public, Councillor or officers who'd like to suggest a topic for our scrutiny committees. You don't need to provide a lot of detail – a brief outline and bullet points are fine.
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