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Hertfordshire County Council


Find out about our councillors, senior managers, employees and partners.

Our partners

Our constitution

The Constitution of Hertfordshire County Council sets out the rules under which the Council conducts its business.


Chief Officer Sub-Delegations

Our code of Corporate Governance

The Council’s Code of Corporate Governance comprises a range of documents, policies, procedures, cultures and values and is the system through which the business of the Council is directed and controlled. The Code of Corporate Governance underpins the Council’s aim of achieving good governance.

Code of Corporate Governance 2018 - 19 (PDF 50Kb) Opening in a new window

Trade union representatives


Including job titles and outlines, our executive structure and salary scales.

Email, telephone and postal contact information.

The responsibilities of each of our directorates.

Including our main offices, schools and libraries.

Councillor details by party, division, postcode or by A to Z

Results from the most recent County Council election.


Take a look at the list of open data documents available.

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