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Hertfordshire County Council

Thanks for offering to help us test our website. 

We want our website to be as simple, clear and quick as possible for you to use.

It’s important that we test the website whilst we develop it to ensure we’re improving things for our customers.


Joining the panel

  • You can join our website testing panel through our secure online form. We'll ask for your name and email address so that we can send you our surveys. We can't send you surveys if we don't have this information.
  • Hertfordshire County Council (as the Data Controller) will keep the personal information we collect extremely safe.
  • We won’t share the information outside of Hertfordshire County Council. We won’t share your personal information with any other team within the council.
  • We plan to keep your personal information on an ongoing basis, as long as you're happy for us to do so.
  • Email the web team if you’d like to leave the website testing panel at any time.


Completing surveys

When we email you, we'll send you a link and ask you to complete a survey/task using one of these online products:


When you complete a survey:

  • We won't directly ask you for any personal information. This'll mean we will not be able to link back your responses to you.
  • We’ll only use the information we collect to see where improvements can be made on our website. 
  • We may share the information collected within the survey with other teams in the council. However, your response will not be personally linked back to you.


Be safe online

We want you to be as safe and secure as possible when you’re online.

Visit Get Safe Online and BeCyberStreetwise for reliable information on internet security.



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