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Hertfordshire County Council

Feedback from our website testing panel helps us improve things on the website for everyone.

Here's a taster of some of things we've made better thanks to the panel...

  • Voice controlled tech - We asked you if you use voice controlled tech and what council services you'd like to access using voice. Take up of the tech is limited at the moment however, we're exploring how to optimise our content for voice searches across platforms.
  • Booking system - We asked you how you’d like to search for events, what information you’d need and what additional functionality you’d like. We've incorporated this into our designs.
  • Families First Portal - we asked where you would expect to find this in our list of services. Opinions were mixed, so we're planning to make it easier to find in other ways instead (e.g. in our site search and on Google).
  • Adult learning - we asked where you would expect to find this in our list of services. You confirmed that it should stay where it is, under 'schools and education'.
  • Herts Care Search – your feedback helped us improve the structure and what we call things when helping people find a care home.
  • Libraries catalogue and adult learning course bookings – we improved a number of features thanks to face-to-face research in libraries.
  • Hertfordshire Directory – we checked how people got on with the new design. We also gathered evidence to inform future changes.
  • Adult learning – we observed people attempting to complete tasks so we could better understand usability issues customers were having. As a result, we split this area of the website into it's own separate website to improve structure and navigation.
  • Customer feedback positioning – the smiley faces on our webpages? They're for customers to leave webpage feedback. We tried out various pages with the smiley faces in different locations – that helped us decide where's best for them to live.
  • Search – you helped us make sure there were no problems with our new website search.
  • Recycling centres – we spent some time with people to understand how they use their local tip and what technology could improve their experience.
  • We structured according to your feedback. We tested out a number of tasks whilst developing the website to ensure people could do what they needed, quickly and simply.
  • New forms – we're currently working a number of new forms, including highways fault reporting. We've already carried out multiple rounds of research including usability testing with basic mock-ups, observing how forms make people feel and how their expectations are managed about next steps.


Herts Careline

We built this website and did a lot of research to understand what customers need, how we should structure things and what we should call things.

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