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Hertfordshire County Council

Feedback from our website testing panel helps us improve things on the website for everyone.

Here's a taster of some of things we've made better thanks to the panel...

  • Herts Care Search – your feedback helped us improve the structure and what we call things when helping people find a care home.
  • Libraries catalogue and adult learning course bookings – we improved a number of features thanks to face-to-face research in libraries.
  • Hertfordshire Directory – we checked how people got on with the new design. We also gathered evidence to inform future changes.


  • We structured according to your feedback. We tested out a number of tasks whilst developing the website to ensure people could do what they needed, quickly and simply.
  • New forms – we're currently working a number of new forms, including highways fault reporting. We've already carried out multiple rounds of research including usability testing with basic mock-ups, observing how forms make people feel and how their expectations are managed about next steps.


Herts Careline

We built this website and did a lot of research to understand what customers need, how we should structure things and what we should call things.

Check out Herts Careline