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Hertfordshire County Council

Further education

After your GCSEs, you have the option of further education from a college or 6th form.

Find your nearest college or 6th form

Virtual School 16+ service

At 16, the Virtual School will assign a personal adviser to support you with further education, training and employment. They will:

  • attend your year 11 planning and review meetings
  • advise you on financial matters
  • monitor your attendance and progress, if you have given permission
  • give advice and progress updates to your carers and other professionals working with you.


Higher education (Virtual School)

If you want to go to university, our Virtual School offers workshops and advice by email, phone and social media on:

  • education options, including degree apprenticeships and study abroad
  • UCAS and CUKAS applications
  • managing budget, debt, and student finance applications
  • advocating on your behalf to universities and financial organisations
  • arranging student housing and resolving disputes
  • extensions, deferring and gap year options
  • health and wellbeing, including referrals to specialists
  • careers and postgraduate courses.

You can also get a higher education budget of up to £5,500 a year from our Virtual School to cover your education and maintenance costs, if you:

  • attend workshops before starting university
  • have good attendance at university
  • take part in up to 3 budget reviews a year
  • stay in touch with your higher education advisor.

Find out more about the Virtual School



Apprenticeships are a mix of real work and workplace training.

Find out about the roles and benefits available to Hertfordshire County Council apprentices.

Find apprenticeships for 16-19 year olds in Hertfordshire.

Find apprenticeships in the UK and abroad, plus work experience, gap years and distance learning.

Search thousands of UK vacancies and find out the advantages of apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience.



Job Centre Plus offer extra support to care leavers. Find your nearest centre.

Government advice to find a job that suits you or find courses.

Find out what jobs are on offer in Hertfordshire County Council.

Great advice for 16-19 year olds on choosing a career, employment options and finding a job.

You can also get tailored support from Services for Young People. Speak to your personal advisor for more information.



Volunteering can make you feel good, give you mental stimulation and provide a sense of purpose. If you're struggling to find work or just don’t know what to do, volunteering is a great way to gain experience and prove commitment to future employers. It can also give you connections that lead to paid work.

You don't have to make a long term commitment. Find an opportunity to suit you.

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