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Hertfordshire County Council

If you've left care or you're about to leave care, this local offer explains what services are available to you in Hertfordshire.

Under the Children and Social work Act 2017, we have a duty to:

  • help care leavers until they're 25 years old, even if they're not in education
  • produce a local offer, explaining what help is available.

Not sure if you're a care leaver? Answer a few questions on the Coram Voice website to find out what your legal status is and what you're entitled to.

You'll get a range of help to live independently after leaving our care:

Your personal advisor (PA) Your pathway plan (PWP) Our pledge to you What your local councils can help with Other organisations that can help Access your information


Your personal advisor (PA)

When you turn 18, your social worker will be replaced by a personal advisor. To help you transition to independent living, they will:

  • provide advice whenever you need it
  • review your pathway plan to make sure you're getting the right support
  • help you access any services you need, like counselling or financial assistance
  • contact you at least once every 2 months to see how you're doing
  • check that your accommodation is suitable
  • help you move to new accommodation and visit you within a week to check it's ok.

Please let your PA know if:

  • your contact details change, like your address or mobile number, so they can stay in touch
  • you have a problem, like missing a rent payment, so they can help before things get worse
  • you can't attend an appointment, so they can re-arrange or find another way to help you.

Your pathway plan (PWP)

Your PWP document sets out what you need after leaving care, what help you'd like from us or from other people and what you can do for yourself.

You'll be involved in creating your PWP, to make sure you find it helpful and your views are heard. When it's finished, we'll ask you to sign it and we'll give you a copy.

We'll complete your first PWP within 3 months of your 16th birthday and review it at least every 6 months. If you'd like an earlier review, ask your PA.

Your PWP includes goals and milestones for:

  • accommodation
  • practical life skills, including money management
  • education and training
  • employment
  • financial support, including anything in addition to your weekly allowance or rent payment
  • specific support needs
  • contingency plans if you're unable to live independently.

More information is available from Become - the charity for young care leavers.


Our care leavers pledge

This is our pledge (or promise) to you (PDF 172KB)Opening in a new window.

We want the same for you as we want for our own young people – the best. The statements in the pledge apply to everyone up to the age of 21.

The statements are based on what Hertfordshire care leavers said was important to them. The things in the pledge should happen for you. If they don’t, you can use this booklet to challenge your rights.

The Hertfordshire Corporate Parenting Plan is called ‘Our Exciting Life Changing Plan’ – you can read it here: Corporate Parenting Board | Hertfordshire County Council

What your local councils can help with

There are 3 levels of local government in Hertfordshire. Each level is responsible for different things:

Hertfordshire County Council (us)

We provide adults' and children's social care. Contact us if you can't get through to your personal advisor and you need help. We also provide services like transport, education and libraries.

More about what we do.

District and borough councils can help you with:

  • Getting priority social housing or reporting problems with your council house.
  • Problems with neighbours.
  • Bin collections.
  • Sport and leisure facilities.
  • Council tax.

More about district and borough council services.

Parish, town and community councils are responsible for things like allotments, play areas and bus shelters.

More about parish, town and community councils.


Other organisations that can help

Independent advocacy can help you get your voice heard when decisions are being made about you.

Projects to improve your health, help you learn new skills and get on with life.

Have your say on Children's Services. Includes the Children in Care Council (CHICC) run by, and for, young people.


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