Family history research

Search the archives to discover your family history.

View images of Hertfordshire’s original early parish registers on findmypast along with school records to c1914. See census returns from 1841 to 1921.

Find my past (free access in your local library) (free access in your local library)Search the National ArchivesSearch the Hertfordshire Archives catalogue

How to start your research

Talk to your family first, making notes of everything you find out as you go - names, dates of birth, marriage, death and where they lived and worked. 

Are there any family heirlooms such as photographs, personal letters or official documents which could give you some clues?

Get help with your research

No booking is required for the Local Studies Library or archive reading room except for the first Tuesday of every month, we're open until 7.30pm by appointment only. Contact us by 9am on the previous Friday to book.

If you are having trouble finding information or don't have the time, you can pay one of our experts to do some research for you.

£18 for 30 minutes

£36 for 1 hour

You can order a document or search from us.  You will get a report of the results and an option to buy copies of any documents that might be relevant to your enquiry. 

You can also view them at the archives for free.

Family history one-to-one advice

Are you stuck with your family history?  Book a session with an expert for some one-to-one advice. You can have the session over the phone, via MS Teams or in person at the archives (cost £14).  

Find out what's in the archives to help your family history research.

The National Archives has a series of guides about the best way to research family members. It will give you a good idea about where to look online or if you'll need to visit a records office.

You can also buy books about how to research family history, or reserve them for free from your local library.