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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire Libraries are excited to offer Hublet tablet PCs to all library users.

What is a Hublet?

Hublets are Samsung Galaxy tablets which library users can borrow for use within the library. All you need is your Hertfordshire library card and PIN to release a Hublet for an hour’s use, completely free.

The Hublets are ready to browse the internet using the library’s Wi-Fi and are preloaded with some commonly used apps.

When you’re done, return the device to the docking station and all your data will be wiped, ensuring that the Hublet is charged and ready for the next customer and your privacy is protected.

The Hublet tablets and Hublet docking station screen provide a safer user experience by using a self-disinfecting coating method.


What can I use Hublets for?

Our Hublet tablets allow you to access and enjoy a range of services including:

  • thousands of free e-magazines
  • wide selection of e-books
  • catching up with the latest world news
  • online services
  • listening to music
  • watching your favourite tv shows/series
  • playing games and browsing the web
  • educational and entertaining content
  • online shopping.


All you need is your Hertfordshire library card and PIN.

Not a member? It’s easy to join as a Hertfordshire Library member.


Where are my nearest Hublets?

Hublets are currently available at the following Hertfordshire libraries:


Terms and Conditions

Advice for parents/guardians: Hublets will allow internet access to any user. This access is filtered content that matches library public PCs.

You are responsible for:

  • only carrying out legal activities
  • not accessing sites or contents (including those of a pornographic, violent or racist nature) which may cause others offence
  • not undertaking activities which inconvenience other people, including Internet telephony
  • not tampering with library IT equipment
  • not using another person’s details to access a library tablet
  • saving your data to cloud based storage.


Hertfordshire County Council is not responsible for:

  • damage to or loss of documents, files or other data
  • guaranteeing the exclusion of all inappropriate material by our web filtering service
  • accuracy and reliability of information on the Internet or availability of services such as web-based email and banking.


Hertfordshire County Council will not be liable or responsible for any problems you may have if you:

  • make any kind of personal financial transaction or use a gambling website
  • join a chat line or social networking site or do not protect your personal data or keep yourself safe online.


Failure to abide by these conditions of use may result in your session being terminated and your access being denied in the future. Tablet use is monitored.

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