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Hertfordshire County Council

We work with schools to encourage reading and develop those skills in younger people.

Virtual class visits

Nothing can replace the experience of an actual visit to the library. But if you are unable to come and visit, we have developed the next best thing: a virtual class visit.

The videos below provide an introduction to the library service, appropriate to each Year Group.

To add to your virtual class visit and to support literacy, we have plenty of fun activity worksheets that you can download and print, all based on libraries and reading.

Dewey bingo

Film and book Criss Cross

Horrible Histories

Organising the books

True or False


Which book character eats this?


For more information about Virtual Class Visits contact your local library or email us at

Class visits

We can arrange for your class to come and visit us at the library.

Visits are charged at £30 per class.

We're currently offering free visits for Reception and Year 6 classes.


A visit to us will include:

  • Information about how to join the library
  • A guide on how to use the library service and the services we offer, including our eBooks and other online services
  • Time for children to browse the library’s book selection with help to find the right book for them
  • Storytelling or a book talk
  • A chance for children to borrow books on their library cards.


We are unable to loan collections of books to schools so we encourage children to use their own library cards when they visit.

Learn about history in the archives

At the archives we offer educational sessions to aid your teaching. If you're unable to come and visit us, we'll come to you.

We offer workshops on:

  • Hertfordshire and the slave trade (KS2/3)
  • Victorians (KS2)
  • Study days for GCSE and A-Level pupils, these can be bespoke sessions tailored to your needs


2 hour session




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