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Hertfordshire County Council

New to computers or tablets? Try our taster sessions to get started.


What is a taster session?

A taster session is an informal one-to-one, usually at your local library lasting one hour. You’ll get an introduction on how to use a computer or tablet and a free course booklet to help you practise.

How much does it cost?

Sessions cost £10 per person, but there is a concessionary charge of £6.50 for library members who have a disability or are on a low income and receiving benefits.

Types of session

There are 4 different taster sessions:

Getting started with computers

  • Understanding what a computer is and how it works
  • Using a keyboard and mouse or touchpad
  • Activities such as letter writing and using the internet
  • Using a computer safely.

Getting started with a tablet

  • Understanding how to use a tablet
  • Using a touch screen
  • Using the internet
  • Learning about apps.

Moving on with a Tablet

  • Using a tablet and accessing features
  • Taking and sending photographs
  • Understanding how to use email
  • Using the internet and safe shopping

An introduction to using the internet

  • Using web addresses to find information
  • How to use a search engine
  • Staying safe online.


How do I book?

Email us at or ask in your local library, if someone you know would be interested in a taster session.

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