Some schools offer a small percentage of their places to children with a particular aptitude or based on academic ability. All schools selecting pupils by aptitude or ability are usually required to provide the outcome of tests before 31 October, however due to COVID-19 this may not be possible.

If you’re applying to a school that tests aptitude or ability, contact the school asap for more information about the arrangements and timescales for testing.

It is essential that you submit an on time application on or before 31 October 2020, even if you are awaiting test results.

To cater for test results received after 31 October 2020, we will allow parents to request a change of preference if necessary. The deadline to request a change of preference following receipt of test results is Friday 4 December 2020.

To request a change of preference, email the Admissions Team and include:

  • Your child’s name and DOB
  • Your current preferences (including order)
  • Your new preferences (including order)

Schools that include testing as part of their admission arrangements are:


The South West Herts Schools Consortium also includes ability or aptitude testing.  Those schools include:

  • Croxley Danes
  • Parmiters
  • Queens
  • Rickmansworth
  • St Clement Danes
  • Watford Grammar School for Boys
  • Watford Grammar School for Girls

You can email the South West Herts Schools Consortium with any enquiries.