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Hertfordshire County Council

Children and/or their parents can appeal against a decision to refuse a 6th form place.

If the child and the parent appeal separately for the same school, both appeals will be treated as a single appeal.

That might be due to the child not meeting the entry requirements set out in the school's admissions arrangements. For example, they didn't get the required number of GCSEs or specified grades.

Or it could be because the school is oversubscribed.

Next steps

Once you've received written notification from the school with its decision to refuse admission, email

Appeals arising from conditional offers (made dependent on exam results) will be heard within 30 school days of results day.

Ideally, you'll get your appeal to us within 12 school days of results day.

Those not conditional upon exam results will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline (28 September 2018).

What the panel considers

When a child has been refused a place at a particular school because there are more eligible children than places available, the appeal will be heard by following the normal two-stage process.

The panel will need to:

  • decide whether the original refusal was reasonable, given the information that was available to the admitting authority at the time of application
  • decide whether processes have been consistently and fairly applied
  • consider why you feel your child is suitable for admission to the 6th form.

It's not for the panel to assess your child’s ability.