This appeals process is for people applying for their child to move up to secondary school in September 2023.

After allocation day (1 March 2023), you'll be able to appeal for any schools you have applied to but have been refused a place at. 


  • Appeals deadline – submit your appeal by 4pm on 29 March 2023.
  • Appeals will be heard between 2 May – 15 June 2023 (excluding 29 May – 2 June).
  • Appellants (the person who made the appeal) will be sent notification of their appeal hearing at least 14 calendar days in advance of the hearing (unless you've been requested to agree shorter timescales).
  • Appellants will be sent a copy of the school's case 7 working days in advance of the hearing.

Appeals lodged after the deadline will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of being lodged – which ever is the later date.

See previous years appeals statistics.