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Hertfordshire County Council

We worked with young people and families to understand what is important to them when we work together. Together we developed these commitments that all staff will follow.

We're committed to listening and responding to the voices of children, young people and families.

We'll work together to provide services which support families to be happy, healthy, ambitious, independent, resilient and safe.

We commit to:

  1. listening to and valuing the thoughts, feelings and opinions of all children, young people and families who use our services. We'll consider these views when making decisions and explain why we make decisions
  2. involving children, young people and families in the planning, development, improvement and delivery of our services
  3. using accessible and creative ways for all people to be involved
  4. being open-minded and ambitious about what can be achieved. We'll be clear from the start and throughout about what we can do, allowing for time, resources and the law. We'll be clear why things are happening
  5. communicating clearly in a way that is suitable for the people we are working with
  6. learning from compliments, complaints and comments to improve our services and providing feedback.


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