Our Market Position Statements summarise our commissioning intentions to help support current and potential providers to develop the right services for residents.  

We have 6 Market Position Statements:


  • This Market Position Statement refers to all adults with an autism spectrum condition without a learning disability.
  • The aim is to encourage and engage with providers to consider ways in which they can effectively support people with autism spectrum conditions and their families and carers.

Read the autism spectrum market position statement.


  • With anticipated continuing growth in the number of carers receiving a Direct Payment, providers are encouraged to explore and develop the associated market for individual, personalised support.
  • We will be re-commissioning specialist carers support to complement our core/generic carers provision. This could include more condition-specific support, support for carers with particular protected characteristics, and additional carers breaks capacity. Providers are encouraged to engage with us during the pre-procurement market engagement stage and consider this opportunity. We anticipate an element of partnership working being key to this opportunity and providers are encouraged to consider this early.

Read our Carers Strategy.

Read the carers market position statement.

Any questions? Contact carersmps@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

Learning disability

  • We want providers to work with us to help deliver better, integrated and innovative solutions to support adults with learning disabilities living in the community and prevent admissions to hospital.
  • We want providers to work with us to help us deliver innovative accommodation solutions for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs to help support them living in the community.

Read the learning disability market position statement.

Any questions? Contact learningdisabilitymps@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

Mental health

  • There will be opportunities to provide bespoke services for individuals to purchase using their personal budgets. Providers may want to ensure they have a visible presence in the market place and appropriate information is readily available to inform individuals of the service offer so they are able to make informed decisions and make choices about their service provider. 
  • Forthcoming tender opportunities will be developed for a range of talking therapies. Commissioners will be seeking a wide range of providers to deliver psychological therapies that are compliant with IAPT, under an Any Qualified Provider framework. These therapies will complement existing Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) provision. We will also be looking to provide opportunities to improve and expand the other counselling offers through community based provision. 

Read the mental health market position statement.

Any questions? Contact mentalhealthmps@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

Older people

  • We want you to help us develop and deliver better, more integrated services that support older people to stay independent and well. We want to hear from providers who want to develop innovative, more integrated services across health and social care that prevent hospital admission, reduce discharge delays and supports people to return home wherever possible.  
  • Key opportunities will be the accreditation of our spot homecare contracts, short term beds in residential homes to support hospital discharge, dementia support services and day services.

Read the older people market position statement.

Any questions? Contact olderpeoplemps@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

Physical disabilities

  • It is estimated that the number of people with physical disabilities and sensory needs in the county is expected to rise. This is because people with complex needs and recessive genetic disorders are now expected to live longer due to medical advances and greater survival rates. Hertfordshire’s aim is to have a larger percent of adults with physical disabilities taking control of their care and support and using their combined Personal health budget to access tailored support specific to their needs.
  • We want to develop services within Hertfordshire to support people with a physical disability and/or sensory impairment. We want providers to increase a choice of services to be designed around the person and tailored to the individual’s needs. To extend choice and control by offering a range of opportunities as an alternative to residential care and develop 1 or 2 bedroom specialist, wheelchair adapted properties.

Read the physical disability market position statement.

Any questions? Contact physicaldisabilitymps@hertfordshire.gov.uk.


We've also published a strategy map that outlines strategies, legislation and drivers used within Adult Care Services.