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Hertfordshire County Council

Market Position Statements


Welcome to Hertfordshire’s Market Position Statement and to what I hope will be a helpful resource for all social care providers, whether you currently work with us or not.

Hertfordshire County Council takes the lead for the delivery and commissioning of adult social care right across the county of Hertfordshire, and we work with our partners in the NHS and in Children’s services to ensure our support is coordinated.

"Most of what we do wouldn’t be possible without you"

We hugely value your commitment to the residents of Hertfordshire and we recognise and thank you for the high quality care and support your teams provide to individuals every day.

The purpose of these web pages is to share our thoughts about the future of adult social care in Hertfordshire; the challenges we expect to face as well as the vision of how we would like to work together. We hope this will help you think about how you can plan your services to continue to, or start to, work in Hertfordshire.

We will provide information about the current numbers of people we support, how we expect those numbers to change in the future and we will outline our future intentions in terms of the care we expect to need in the coming years.
As I’m sure you recognise, this is not an exact science. While we can outline our current expectations, it is essential that we continue to hear from you. We want to understand your challenges as well as your ideas about how things could be better, and we want to hear from your staff and the people who you support as well.

"Our vision for Adult Social Care is for everybody to stay happy, safe and well in their own home. We believe that with the right connections to friends, family and our local communities, we can all live life to the full"

We call this our Connected Lives approach but it is also a strengths-based approach and the principles of it are embedded in the Care Act 2014, which provides the statutory framework within which all local authorities provide and commission care.

The challenge is to do this within a tough financial context. In Hertfordshire adult social care has been prioritised for investment but we face a challenging demographic. Increasing numbers of older people and younger people with disabilities that we need to support, from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, and therefore we will need to be innovative and creative to find solutions.

Technology will be part of the answer but it will also be people. Those of us who work in adult social care know that our greatest resource are the people around us. Listening to each other about what works and what matters is the key to getting it right.

Thank you for being with us on this journey.

Chris Badger
Director of Adult Care Services

Our Market Position Statements

Voluntary and Community

Mental health

Mental Health services in Hertfordshire are commissioned in partnership between the Council and Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust:

  • The Council hosts the strategic commissioning function for both health and care within the Integrated Health and Care Commissioning Team working on behalf of the Council and Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board.
  • Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust provides joint health and social care services and is the secondary care commissioner for social care and community services in Hertfordshire.  

Read the Mental Health Covid market position statement

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Residential and Nursing

Disabled Adults Service

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