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Hertfordshire County Council

Our scrutiny committees review decisions that the council makes and hold the Executive (Cabinet) to account. Our scrutiny committees are made up of councillors who do not serve on the Cabinet.

The purpose of scrutiny is to review and make recommendations that will improve the services we offer and have a positive impact on the lives of Hertfordshire citizens. 

Our scrutiny function also has the power to scrutinise health services in Hertfordshire.

Our scrutiny committees

This committee is responsible for scrutinising services provided by the Council, by holding the Cabinet, as well as external agencies, to account.

This committee has the responsibility for scrutinising health services provided to Hertfordshire residents.

This committee monitors the impact of scrutiny on council services and the lives of Hertfordshire citizens and ensures that actions are taken to implement scrutiny recommendations.


Committee Topics

The current topic group items that the committees have commissioned Members to scrutinise in depth. You can also view historic topic groups.


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