Published Thursday 25 April 2019

How we're using data as one measure of progress.

OK, this is a quick blog because not everyone is a proud data geek. :)

We're gathering website statistics and feedback to give a starting point. How are people using the website now?

  • Are they viewing multiple pages? Or leaving after 1 page?
  • How long are they spending on a webpage?
  • How many searches do they do in one session?
  • Would they recommend us to a friend?
  • Do they return to the website?
  • Do they have confidence in the content?
  • Do people even know we exist?!

We'll keep gathering and comparing that data every 3 months.

Because the reality is, if we can make things online quicker and easier for people to do, they get their lunch hour back.

They can do other things in the evening.

That's gotta be a win, right?


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