Other care housing options

If you find living alone in your own home difficult, but you don't need full-time residential care, then another option might be better for you.

Your own small flat or room with use of a communal space, managed by care staff.

More support than sheltered housing, you live in your own flat but have 24 hour care available.

If residential care isn't for you, sharing a home might be the perfect answer.


Sheltered housing

Often run by district and borough councils or housing associations, sheltered housing is where you would have your own small flat or room to yourself and also be able to use a communal area.

Sheltered housing is managed by care staff who would be available to help you during certain times of the day and night and they can also have personal or community alarms installed in case you need to call for help urgently.


Flexicare housing (extra care housing)

Flexicare housing provides you with more support than sheltered housing and more independence than a residential care home. You live in your own flat with the privacy of your own front door, but have care available 24 hours a day if you need it.

Any care and support you need in flexicare housing can be changed as your needs change, for example if you need extra support after a hospital stay.


Working out what’s best for you

We can have a chat with you about your needs and day-to-day life. Then we can agree whether sheltered or flexicare housing is right for you and how much you may need to pay.

We call this an assessment.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects all supported housing schemes regularly to check the standard of care and quality of life you or your loved one will receive.


Free advice about paying for care

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