If you're permanently disabled or an older person, we'll do our best to make sure you can get to where you need to be.


A door to door travel service for people over 75 and anyone with a permanent disability.


Before you apply online...

You'll need either:

  • Proof that you are over 75.  This could be a photo of your passport or birth certificate.
  • Proof of disability. This could be a photo of a letter from Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) which shows you are getting Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or something similar.

You'll be asked to upload this photo in your application.


To become a member and book a ride, you can also call us on:

01992 556771

If you live in Broxbourne, call 01992 534269 to make a booking.


We're available Monday to Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm. You can use us to get to places like:

  • local shops
  • visiting friends and relatives
  • clubs
  • your local GP or dentist surgery.

It costs £1.90 for the first mile, 45p every mile after.

When you travel with us you can bring a friend too, they'll be charged the same amount.


Hertfordshire Action on Disability (HAD)

Hertfordshire Action on Disability (HAD) offer a 24 hour accessible transport service to help disabled people to work, shopping, doctor's appointments, holidays and other leisure activities.

Contact HAD for information on pricing.

Other community transport - helping you get around Hertfordshire

There are also other providers around the county available to make sure you never miss an important date or a day out with friends.


There's also help available if you need to get to an important hospital or GP appointment.