The Hertfordshire Registration and Citizenship service offers a change of name deed service.

In the UK, British citizens can change their name without drawing up a formal record. However, in order to make the new name officially accepted, many organisations such as banks, building societies and the Passport Agency require some form of proof of the name change, so an official change of name deed is necessary.

A change of name deed is an acceptable document to prove a person has changed their name and must be used in conjunction with their birth certificate.

Applicants must be 16 years of age or above.


To request a certified copy of deed after the appointment has taken place, email and include:

  • full name
  • telephone number
  • where the deed was signed.


Cost of change of name deed


Cost (Net)


Total cost

Change of name deed (per person)




Certified copy of deed supplied after appointment





Deciding on a name

When deciding on your chosen name, the new name must not be rude or offensive, neither can it be used to create an impression of an inherited or awarded title such as Sir, Dame, Lord, Lady etc. The name cannot be chosen with the intent to defraud.

Foreign nationals living in the UK must check with their own national authorities to ensure they will accept the change of name deed.


At your appointment

A change of name deed will be prepared and witnessed by a trained registration officer and you will receive your deed at the end of your appointment.

Your fee to us will provide you with an original deed plus one certified copy which has the same legal standing as your original deed. Additional certified copies are available at the time of your appointment and an archived copy of your deed will be kept, should you require further copies in the future.