A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious alternative to a Christening and welcomes a new child into the family.

Before you book a ceremony

  • The child's birth certificate will need to be shown before a ceremony can be booked

What a Naming Ceremony is

It’s an event where your child's name is confirmed and you promise them your commitment. Friends and family can take part in the ceremony and pledge to support you and your child. You could have readings and music as part of the ceremony too.

A ceremony can’t be used to change a child's name and the certificate you get at the ceremony can't be used as identification.


Where to have a Naming Ceremony

They can be held at a register office, a licensed venue or village hall. An experienced Celebrant from our Registration Service will run the ceremony.

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Who Naming Ceremonies are for

Children of any age can have a Naming Ceremony and any parent or guardian of the child can arrange it.


How much a Naming Ceremony costs

Fees from 1st July 2019 - 31st March 2020

Civil Naming ceremonies at a Hertfordshire Register Office
 DayCost (Net)VATTotal Cost
 Monday - Friday £100 £20  £120
 Saturday £395 £79  £474
 Sunday and Bank Holidays £420 £84  £504
Civil Naming ceremonies at an Approved Venue
 Day Cost (Net) VAT Total cost
 Monday-Friday  £180 £36  £216
 Saturday  £285 £57  £342
 Sunday and Bank Holidays  £310 £62  £372

Anywhere Ceremony - at a location which is not licensed as an Approved Premises

 DayCost (Net)VAT Total Cost

 Monday - Friday








 Sunday and Bank Holidays




Anytime Ceremonies (includingAnywhere) - between 6pm and 9am
 Day Cost (Net) VAT Total Cost
 Monday-Friday  £454.17  £90.83  £545
 Saturday  £566.67  £113.33  £680
 Sunday and Bank Holidays  £625  £125  £750

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