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Hertfordshire County Council

Bikeability – get started with cycling


Take our bikeability courses to get the skills and confidence to ride on your own while having fun along the way.

Our courses have different levels to match every ability – take a look and choose the course that suits you.

Level 1 - Learn the basics

Bikeability level 1 will give you all of the basic skills to be able to ride a bike.


It will take place away from the road, usually in a closed car park or playground. Normally in groups of 3-12 people.

The skills you'll gain from the course are:

  • an understanding of bike safety
  • how to control the bike
  • riding safely
  • carrying out a simple bike check.

Level 2 - Start riding on the roads

Bikeability level 2 puts you in a real life situation dealing with traffic and potential danger.


You'll be riding along the road and it is normally in groups of 3-12 people.

On the level 2 course you'll learn about:

  • recognising potential dangers ahead
  • signalling your intentions to other road users
  • riding on a road with traffic
  • the basics of the highway code
  • decision making and how to ride safely.

Level 3 - Learn about different road conditions and build confidence

Bikeability level 3 gives you the skills to ride almost anywhere.


You'll be out on the road in a small group of up to 3 people.

On the course you'll get to learn about:

  • preparing for a safe journey
  • understanding advanced road positioning
  • seeing danger develop and how to deal with it
  • riding safely near large vehicles.

You may also learn about how to use:

  • roundabouts
  • traffic light junctions
  • multi-lane roads.

Learn more about the Department for Transport bikeability scheme.