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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire cycling, walking and wheeling work with schools, clubs, businesses and cyclists of all abilities to to encourage active and safer travel around Hertfordshire. 

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Cycling routes

This summer we've been mapping our best cycling routes. Watch them on our Youtube channel.

Our Countryside Management Service has a list of cycling routes that you can filter by location, duration, length and difficulty.

Visit their website or download their app to plan your route.

Download GPS files to your phone or GPS device.


New map of cycling routes coming Summer 2024


Cycling clubs

There are many cycling clubs around Hertfordshire that are suitable for different abilities, from Sunday morning leisure rides to full sportive and race training.

Find a cycling club near you


Cycle Hubs

Walking groups

Hertfordshire Health Walks - promote physical activity and well-being by organizing free, short, and sociable group walks across Hertfordshire.

Herts Weekend Walkers - a social walking group in Hertfordshire, organizing regular weekend walks for individuals to explore the scenic landscapes and enjoy outdoor activities. 

The Ramblers - UK-based charity dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of walkers, advocating for access to and preservation of footpaths, green spaces and enjoying the outdoors on foot

Sustrans - UK charity that focuses on sustainable transportation by developing and maintaining a network of cycling and walking paths, promoting active travel, and advocating for policies that prioritize environmentally friendly and healthy modes of transportation.

Canal and River Trust - manages and maintains over 2,000 miles of historic canals and rivers in England and Wales, providing scenic towpaths and waterfronts for walking, cycling, and other recreational activities, while also preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of these waterways.

The Wildlife Trusts - work to create and maintain nature reserves and protected areas across the UK, offering opportunities for walking and connecting with nature while contributing to the conservation and preservation of diverse wildlife habitats.

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