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Hertfordshire County Council

Bikeability – get started with cycling

Level 1 - Learn the basics

Bikeability level 1 will give you all of the basic skills to be able to ride a bike.


It will take place away from the road, usually in a closed car park or playground. Normally in groups of 3-12 people.

The skills you'll gain from the course are:

  • an understanding of bike safety
  • how to control the bike
  • riding safely
  • carrying out a simple bike check.


Level 2 - Start riding on the roads

Bikeability level 2 puts you in a real life situation dealing with traffic and potential danger.


You'll be riding along the road and it is normally in groups of 3-12 people.

On the level 2 course you'll learn about:

  • recognising potential dangers ahead
  • signalling your intentions to other road users
  • riding on a road with traffic
  • the basics of the highway code
  • decision making and how to ride safely.


Level 3 - Learn about different road conditions and build confidence

Bikeability level 3 gives you the skills to ride almost anywhere.


You'll be out on the road in a small group of up to 3 people.

On the course you'll get to learn about:

  • preparing for a safe journey
  • understanding advanced road positioning
  • seeing danger develop and how to deal with it
  • riding safely near large vehicles.

You may also learn about how to use:

  • roundabouts
  • traffic light junctions
  • multi-lane roads.


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