A602 improvements, Stevenage to / from Ware

Latest update

We've completed our improvements to sections of the A602, from the south side of Stevenage to the A10 in Ware.

The new junctions at Hertford Road, Stevenage, Anchor Lane roundabout and the A10 junction are now finished.

We are currently developing the final phase of the works, Watton-At-Stone to Tonwell, including the A119 roundabout and the section between Heath Mount School and the Stony Hills junction. The main construction work is due to start in summer 2020.

As part of this phase we've developed a side roads order. This is a statutory process that must be consulted on prior to making changes to any side or access roads.

Draft side roads order (PDF 2.3MB)

Statement of reasons (PDF 297KB)

Side roads notice (PDF 118KB) - this gives details of the objection period and how to make any objections to the side roads order.

The planning decision notice for the A119 roundabout (PDF 228KB)

The planning decision notice for the Ware Road realignment (PDF 396KB)

A further planning application and Traffic Regulation Order will be submitted as part of the Watton-At-Stone to Tonwell work (see step 4 below)

Why we want to change the A602

The A602 is a very busy road, but there are problems in places:

  • vehicles turning right are blocking traffic behind, causing delays
  • tight bends and poor visibility make the road less safe than it could be
  • often long queues at junctions.


Improvements we're making

We want to improve the major junctions, reduce delays and make the route safer. We want to make improvements to these locations:

  • Hertford Road junction
  • A119 roundabout
  • Ware Road
  • Sacombe Pound junction
  • Stony Hills junction
  • Anchor Lane roundabout
  • Westmill Road
  • A10 junction.


Steps to complete the project

Step 1: Early options

We looked at a number of options for improving the A602, to reduce traffic congestion. We put this together into a business case.

Step 2: Seeking funding

The total cost for this scheme is £19.4 million.

Funding has been approved by the Local Enterprise Partnership and Local Transport Body.

Step 3: Developing the scheme

The Local Transport Body consulted on the business case. The consultation ended in August 2014 and helped us decide that the project is value for money.

We held a public exhibition in May 2015. This gave us a chance to find out what you think about the project prior to submitting the planning applications.

A report was put before the Development Control Committee following a period of consultation.

Step 4: Getting permission / planning applications

A total of 4 planning applications were submitted.

We submitted 2 in May 2016:

  • Hertford Road junction
  • Anchor Lane junction, Westmill Road, A10 junction.

The works are currently underway and are expected to be completed in Spring 2018.

We then submitted the final 2 planning applications in July 2017 for:

These were considered at the Development Control Committee on 25 January 2018, and the main works for the next section works are expected to begin in spring 2020. 

A further planning application is required for enhanced cycle facilities, this is scheduled for spring 2020.

An application for Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, to reduce speed during works, will be made this year as well as the Permanent Traffic Regulation Order for the road.

Step 5: Construction

The new junctions have now been completed.

Hertford Road junction, Stevenage

We've completed works on the junction at the A602/ Hertford Road, Stevenage.

Anchor Lane junction

We completed the roundabout on the A602/ Anchor Lane.

A10 junction

Works on the A602/ A10 traffic signal junction are now complete.

Next Phase A602 improvement works

The next phase of works include:

•    the A119 junction to the east of Watton at Stone
•    Ware Road from the Heath Mount School to the Stony Hills junction

We will be undertaking some ecological surveys along the road from early February. This work is needed to check that we are not impacting on any protected species. You might notice people and activity along the road, including some vegetation clearance.

Advance works begin in early February 2020 but this will largely be ecological surveys and vegetation clearance.

In March 2020 we hope to have confirmation over the next step of the project, including the main work contractor.

The main construction work begins in summer 2020.


Email a602improvements@hertfordshire.gov.uk if you have any questions about this project.