A602 improvements, Stevenage to / from Ware

We're changing our roadworks programme to help keep our workers and residents safe.


Upcoming roadworks

  • Fri 23 April onwards: Sacombe Pound closed to all traffic, 24 hours a day.
  • Thurs 16 July onwards: A602 / A119 narrow lanes on roundabout 24 hours a day.
  • Wed 15 July – Mon 13 Sept: 30/40 mph speed limit along the A602 for the duration of the scheme.
  • Fri 23 – Tue 31 Aug: multi-phase light on the A119/A602 roundabout, 8pm – 5am each day
  • Mon 26 July - Fri 20 Aug: Temporary two-way lights between Sacombe Park and Sacombe Pound, 7am – 7pm each day (lights to be ran manually at peak times). The lights will not be on at the same time as those near the junction of Heath Mount School.
  • Mon 26 July - Fri 27 Aug: Temporary two-way lights on Whempstead Road, 7am – 7pm each day (lights to be ran manually at peak times)
  • Wed 28 July – Sun 15 Aug: Ware Road closed between roundabout and Watton House, 24h a day (however, will open when possible).
  • Mon 2 – Fri 20 Aug: two-way lights between Sacombe Park and Sacombe Pound, 9.30am – 4pm each day (no weekends).
  • Mon 23 – Fri 27 Aug 2021: multi-phase lights on the A119/A602 roundabout, 9.30am – 4pm each day.
  • Mon 30 Aug - Fri 04 Sept: Temporary two-way lights between Sacombe Park and Sacombe Pound, 7am – 7pm each day (lights to be ran manually at peak times).
  • Mon 13 Sept - Fri 22 Oct: Temporary two-way lights between Sacombe Park and Sacombe Pound, 7am – 7pm each day (lights to be ran manually at peak times). The lights will not be on at the same time as those near the junction of Heath Mount School.
  • Sat 25 –Mon 27 Sept 2021: A602 road closed from Whempstead Road to Tonwell Village, 7am – 5pm each day.

These are subject to change.  Follow @Herts_Highways on Twitter for real-time updates.

Latest update

Sacombe Pound closed

Sacombe Pound is closed to traffic, this is to allow works to progress at the junction and Dane End tributary. The road will be closed between Sacombe Green Road and the A602 Ware Road, and due to the nature of the works no through traffic can be permitted.

We expect the road to be closed until the end of the works, which are currently due for completion in Spring 2022.


National restrictions and physical distancing

We're working closely with our contractor Tilbury Douglas to follow government guidance on best work practices and physical distancing.

As part of working on site the team has put in place a range of procedures to protect staff and the public, including:

  • staggering working patterns
  • only essential staff on site
  • providing all necessary PPE and hand washing gels
  • increased cleaning regimes and welfare provision
  • eliminating the need for contact wherever possible
  • enforcing social distancing.

Some of the measures may mean that parts of the works will take longer to complete.

We understand that members of the public will see staff on site and ask about the project. But where possible, please send all enquiries to a602improvements@hertfordshire.gov.uk.


Why we want to change the A602

The A602 is a very busy road, but there are problems in places:

  • vehicles turning right are blocking traffic behind, causing delays
  • tight bends and poor visibility make the road less safe than it could be
  • often long queues at junctions.


Improvements we're making

We want to improve the major junctions, reduce delays and make the route safer.

We are now currently completing the A602 Improvements at these locations:
  • A119 junction - enlarging roundabout, two-lane entry on each arm and segregated left-hand turn lane from Stevenage to Ware
  • Ware Road - realigning the road to make a safer and smoother drive and including right-hand turn lanes to reduce congestion
  • Sacombe Pound junction - junction upgrades, installation of a bridge and cycle way which will allow safe crossing under the A602 for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Stoneyhills junction - realigning the northern arm of the junction with better visibility and closing off the southern arm, re-designating as a bridleway

We have already made improvement to these locations:

  • Hertford Road junction
  • Anchor Lane roundabout
  • Westmill Road
  • A120 junction


Steps to complete the project

Step 1: Early options

We looked at a number of options for improving the A602, to reduce traffic congestion. We put this together into a business case.

Step 2: Seeking funding

Funding has been approved by the Local Enterprise Partnership and Hertfordshire County Council.

Step 3: Developing the scheme

The Local Transport Body consulted on the business case. The consultation ended in August 2014 and helped us decide that the project is value for money.

We held a public exhibition in May 2015. This gave us a chance to find out what you think about the project prior to submitting the planning applications.

A report was put before the Development Control Committee following a period of consultation.

Step 4: Getting permission / planning applications

Planning permission for the current works was granted in early 2018. Information on these applications can be viewed below;

Planning permission for the additional cycle route between Stoneyhills and Sacombe Pound was granted in Nov 2020.

Full details can be found on the planning page.

Planning permission for the earlier works, completed in summer 2018, can still be viewed on the link below;

Side Roads Order

The Department of Transport has approved the Hertfordshire County Council (A602 Improvements (Watton-at-Stone to Tonwell) Classified Road) Side Roads Order 2019. This is a statutory process that must be consulted on prior to making changes to any side or access roads.

If you would like to see the side road orders please contact us via  a602improvements@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

Traffic Regulation Orders

A reduced speed limit of 30mph or 40mph has been introduced throughout the works, through a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order. These limits are in place to protect the workforce who may be working on or near the road, and help keep the travelling public safe. Please monitor your speed while going through the works

Step 5: Construction

Main Works

The main construction works started in mid-June 2020, following the appointment of the main contractor. The contractor, Tilbury Douglas, continues on site with works, including the cycle track, expected to be completed in Spring 2022.

Please plan your journey, as some of the works may cause delays on the highway. Check planned closures and roadworks.


Want to know more?

To make sure that residents and others who are interested in the scheme are kept informed of the upcoming works, we publish a monthly newsletter with all the latest news and updates from site:

Email a602improvements@hertfordshire.gov.uk if you have any questions about this project.


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