Hertfordshire County Council has adopted a Supplementary Planning Document to the Minerals Local Plan.

This document identifies Mineral Consultation Areas and forms part of the Minerals Local Plan for the County.

Much of Hertfordshire is underlain by sand and gravel resources which could help to meet the future needs for construction materials.

Allowing new building and other development in these areas could 'sterilise' the mineral deposits, either by making them inaccessible for extraction, or by introducing new activities (such as houses) into the area which would not be compatible with mineral extraction nearby.

There is a commitment within the adopted Minerals Local Plan to produce Minerals Consultation Areas, within a Supplementary Planning Document.

The purpose of the document is a consultation trigger to ensure that District/Borough councils consult the County Council before determining applications for development in mineral consultation areas in order to safeguard mineral resources.

The adopted mineral consultation areas will be identified on both the county and  district/borough Proposals Maps in their Local Plans.

Mineral consultation areas would therefore also enable developers to consider the implications of mineral resources at an early stage of any proposals.


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