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Hertfordshire County Council

School travel plans offer practical measures to promote active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel to and from children’s centres, schools and colleges.

A school travel plan aims to:

  • Significantly reduce the number of car trips on the school run
  • Increase the number of pupils and adults travelling actively to school
  • Make school journeys safer
  • Reduce school gate congestion
  • Reduce pollution in and around school sites
  • Promote sustainable transport choices and encouraging families to plan their journeys
  • Improve the health and fitness among the whole school community
  • Increase road safety skills
  • Build/strengthen links with the local community.

Plans are written with teachers, parents, students, governors and the local community. They are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure they meet the school’s travel issues and the opportunities to address them. 

Improvements can be made through measures which include the encouragement of active travel, highways engineering measurements and road safety education of students, including skills for safe and independent travel.

Please use Modeshift Stars to submit your travel plans. Get your pupils involved to help shape your plan. For information, email


New school developments and expansions: please read our travel plan guidance and visit Highways Development Management.


Our travel strategies:

We've registered for Modeshift Stars for Business to help us develop our workplace travel plans. For more information, contact

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy

Local Transport Plan.

The Active and Safer Travel Team - find out more about our educational programmes, campaigns, resources and how to get in touch.

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