DBS Enquiry form

When you submit this form you are sending your information to Hertfordshire County Council (as the Data controller). The data on this form is being gathered for the purpose of registering your request to use our DBS Umbrella Body Services. Hertfordshire County Council will use this information to assess your eligibility under the DBS rules. This information is being gathered and will be processed on the basis that you are giving consent for us to do so. If you wish to withdraw consent at any time you can do so by emailing us at hertsdbs@hertfordshire.gov.uk. If applicable – the information you have provided to us will be used alongside additional information obtained from you during the assessment process. 

The information you give us will be held by the HR Safe Staffing Team of Hertfordshire County Council and will only be used to assess eligibility and create a contract record.  In order to deliver our Umbrella Body service we will share some of your information with Atlantic Data who hosts our web service and the Disclosure and Barring Service who will process the DBS checks.  This data is used to set up your Branch and allows you to use the system.

The information that you supply to us will be kept on file for the duration of your contract with us.  If it is found you are not eligible to undertake Enhanced DBS Checks the data will be destroyed following the New Business review. For more information, including how to remove your data, visit our website privacy policy.

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