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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire’s plan for children and young people shows how we'll work to give every child, young person and their family the opportunity to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Our key priorities support our children's services outcomes: to improve the things identified as most important to children, young people and families. Prevention is a key factor - we aim to provide early support for problems before they escalate.



Be safe

We all have the responsibility within our communities to ensure children, young people and their families have the opportunity to be healthy and safe.

Key priorities 

  • keep communities safe
  • tackle problems early to build resilience
  • tackle domestic abuse and violence to protect families.

What we will do

To keep children and their families safe, we will:

  • protect children from abuse and neglect and help those who have been affected
  • provide services as soon as they are needed
  • raise awareness of child sexual exploitation and help prevent it
  • tackle gang activity and reduce the threat of terrorism and extremism
  • teach children about fire safety at home and being safe on the roads.

Be safe - read the full plan.


Be healthy

We will improve the health and wellbeing of children and families, which will help their educational achievement, income and quality of life.

Key priorities

  • ensure a healthy start in life and healthy choices
  • promote healthy lifestyles and relationships
  • provide information and support for mental and emotional health.

What we will do

To keep children and their families healthy, we will:

  • promote healthy eating to encourage a healthy weight
  • encourage physical activity to keep children fit
  • support good mental and emotional health
  • educate children about healthy relationships and good sexual health
  • provide services that meet the needs of individuals and families.

Be healthy - read the full plan.


Be ambitious

We will give all children, especially vulnerable and disadvantaged children, the opportunity to thrive and aspire to reach their goals.

Key priorities

  • reduce inequalities for disadvantaged children
  • raise standards, attainment and aspirations for all children
  • provide support for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) locally.

What we will do

To help our children and young people fulfil their potential, we will:

  • provide support through family centres
  • raise attainment by increasing good and outstanding schools
  • inspire young people in education, apprenticeships and higher education to achieve
  • help young people with SEND or autism develop the skills for adulthood and work
  • support vulnerable young people to stay in learning.

Be ambitious - read the full plan.


Be independent

We will increase opportunities for young people to access further education and training, developing the skills they need for employment and independence.

Key priorities

  • develop the skills young people need in the workplace
  • improve access to accommodation and reduce homelessness
  • provide work experience and employment opportunities for vulnerable young people and those with additional needs.

What we will do

To increase independence, we will:

  • provide opportunities for young people to gain the skills employers need
  • support and inspire disengaged young people to achieve their goals
  • provide 30 hours free childcare to help move families into employment
  • improve access to accommodation for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people
  • provide reliable and accessible transport.

Be independent - read the full plan


Be resilient

We will provide advice and information to help young people and their families get the support they need as soon as they need it.

Key priorities

  • give children the skills to make positive choices throughout their life
  • provide information enabling children and young people to make their own decisions
  • increase access to the services and information that families need to help themselves.

What we will do

To increase resilience, we will:

  • provide information in the Families First Portal to enable families to help themselves
  • develop the Community First Approach so communities can provide support locally
  • provide information to young people about work and leisure opportunities
  • help children in care and care leavers build positive family and peer relationships
  • provide programmes to increase confidence and positive peer networks for young people.

Be resilient - read the full plan.