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Hertfordshire County Council

Our Way Forward - Plan for Children and Young People 2021-2026 sets out how we aim to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.  Following the pandemic and the disruption it has caused, this Plan shows how we are looking to get back on track over the next five years.  It has been developed with engagement from Children’s Services’ staff, children, young people and families.  

The plan has five ambitions:

  1. To meet the needs of Hertfordshire’s children within their local community;
  2. To plan, commission and deliver trauma informed services that meet the individual needs of our residents;
  3. To support children and young people get their lives and education back on track;
  4. To have a skilled workforce who are proud to work for Hertfordshire;
  5. To work in partnership to deliver early help and support to children, young people and families and build life chances.

This five-year plan is supported by a set of key priorities that will be updated each year during the life of the plan and will make a significant contribution to the achievement of the ambitions outlined within the plan.

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