Highways plans and strategies

Find out about our highways service, what they do and what their responsibilities are.

Highways service guide 2017

Find out about our highways service, including their objectives, responsibilities and how the service is organised.

Highways service guide – June 2017 (PDF)

Management and maintenance of roads

You can find out how we deal with reporting and repairing problems on the road.

Defect management approach (DMA) assess and decide strategy – December 2013 (PDF)

Defect management approach enquiry (DMA) guidance notes – May 2016 (PDF)

Defect management approach (DMA) inspection manual – May 2016 (PDF)

The traffic management permit scheme order

This scheme manages the planning and scheduling of all work on the roads. This means less disruption for people.

The traffic management permit scheme order – September 2015 (PDF)

East of England permit scheme authority addendum –  August 2015 (PDF)

Temporary traffic regulation orders 

Temporary traffic regulation order guidance notes – September 2015 (PDF)

New roads and street works (section 50)

These documents will help guide you through the process of placing apparatus on the highway, working on existing licensed apparatus and excavating the highway.

Street works licence and the making excavations on the highway licence – (PDF)

Notice of works application – (Word)

Application for a street works licence – (Word)

East of England Permit Scheme

A variation to the East of England Permit Scheme was made in August 2015. This was brought into effect by an Order made by Hertfordshire County Council in exercise of its powers conferred by Section 33A (2) of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

The Order may be cited as the Traffic Management (Hertfordshire County Council) Permit Scheme Order 2015 and came into force on 28 September 2015.

See also East Of England Permit Scheme Authority Addendum for HCC.

Tree strategy and guidance document

We're responsible for around 150,000 trees on public roads.

Highway tree strategy and guidance document – January 2013 (PDF)

Urban transport plans and guidance notes

These guidance documents helps to create a consistent approach to planning programming and delivering schemes and projects.

Urban transport plan guidance volume 1 – August 2009 (PDF)

Urban transport plan guidance volume 2 – August 2009 (PDF)

Highways and transport Section 106 – June 2009 (PDF)

Winter service plan

This plan describes how we manage our winter maintenance service. It's one of the key parts of making sure that we can have safe and convenient travel during the winter months.

Winter Service Operational Plan 2016–17 (PDF)

Last updated 26 Sept 2016.

Pot Hole Action Fund

In April 2016 the Department forTransport allocated us £943,000 from its Pothole Action Fund to be spent on fixing or preventing potholes. See the schemes delivered within financial year 2016/17.

National Productivity Investment Fund

The Cabinet held on 13th March 2017 agreed to support the following projects with £3.571 National Productivity Investment Funding awarded by the Department forTransport, which is aimed at improving local road networks to improve access to employment and housing:

  • Bring forward and deliver enabling works for A120 Little Hadham Bypass
  • Preparatory design an improvement to the  A10 – London Road Roundabout, Buntingford
  • Preparatory design for the Essex Road Bridge and Industrial Link in Hoddesdon.
  • Resilience works along the A10, particularly the Kingsmead viaduct.

Sinkholes – ground investigations

These are the final reports into the exploratory drilling under and next to at locations in Fontmell Close, St Albans.

Report 1 – Peter Brett Associates – June 2016 (PDF)

Report 2 – Opus report – June 2016 (PDF)

Report 3 – Transition zone – June 2016 (PDF)

Report 4 – Dynamic probe investigation report – June 2016 (PDF)

Active travel strategy

Highways active travel strategy – April 2013 (PDF)

Transport asset management

Transport asset management plan – 2008 (PDF)

Hertfordshire transport asset management policy – 2012 (PDF)

Transport asset performance report – 2015 (PDF)

Signage guidance

Highways signage guidance – 2012 (PDF)

Inspection Manual

This manual is provided to set out HCC's standards for those carrying out direct highway inspections through the HST Inspection Service. It also provides HCC's policy and guidance for how the HST Contractor is to assess and categorise the defects that are discovered, so that they can be effectively managed through the subsequent Contractor Directed Services.

Inspection Manual (PDF)

Local Highway Maintenance Bid

Application Form (PDF)

Value for Money Pro-Forma (Excel)

Supporting Evidence (Excel)