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Hertfordshire County Council

Risk Matrix (PDF 116KB)

Risk management policy and strategy (PDF 1.2mb)Find out how we define risk and our risk management approach across the county council.

Full Corporate & Strategic Risk Register (PDF 663 mb)

March 2024 audit committee.

What is the corporate and strategic risk register?

This is the register of the most significant risks to the overall success of our objectives.

We capture risks through a consistent approach to identifying, assessing, prioritising and mitigating risk, as well as a risk hierarchy.

Corporate risks are longer term, more stable or tolerated, ‘enabling’ activity risks. Strategic risks are more volatile, shorter term threats to current objectives.

Throughout the year, risks are:

  • considered by directorate management boards
  • challenged by the cross-departmental policy and resources officer group
  • scrutinised by the audit committee
  • presented to cabinet panel quarterly.

An annual report on risk management is also presented to the audit committee to provide assurance of best practice.


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