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Things to do while you wait for a decision

Don't wait to hear from the Home Office about your asylum application. Start to prepare for if you get a positive decision. Once you do get a decision, you will only have a few weeks before you need to leave your current Home Office accommodation.

Improve your English


Libraries in Hertfordshire – you can get free access to computers, the internet, books and newspapers.


Consider your budget

Find out what benefits you will be entitled to and work out your budget.


Housing – research what you can afford

In nearly all cases, the government will not provide you with accommodation once a decision has been made about your asylum application.

You will have less than 1 month to leave the Home Office property if you receive your right to remain.

Housing advice – including types of housing, paying rent and tenancy agreements.


Improve your chances of getting a job

If you get a positive decision on your asylum application and become a refugee

You will need an up-to-date Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). If you have not received your BRP, let your solicitor and accommodation know.

Check when your permit will arrive

After you get refugee status – Citizens Advice guidance on opening a bank account, working, housing and claiming benefits.




Refugee Employability Programme – sign up for help to find a job and improve your skills.


Find a job


If you need to prove your qualifications, you could get a Statement of Comparability, even if the original documentation is not available. 


Jobcentre Plus

Find your nearest Jobcentre Plus – they can:

  • offer courses for people looking for work, including how to write a CV (Curriculum Vitae – a summary of your qualifications, skills and experience) and preparing for interviews
  • share details of local employers who have job vacancies and support refugee schemes
  • offer help with travel costs to people who find employment. Temporary bus passes and cheaper travel cards may also be available.



GPs (General Practitioners – doctors) are the main route for general and non-emergency healthcare. 

Find your nearest GP


If you get a negative decision on your asylum application

You can't leave your temporary accommodation without an up-to-date Biometric Residence Permit, or if you're appealing a negative decision.

You will usually have 21 days to leave the UK after a negative decision, unless you appeal.



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