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Make a difference to your local school and community

School governors/trustees are recognised as one of the largest volunteer groups in England with the ability to positively impact on children’s learning and outcomes.

What will I be doing?

School governors/trustees support school leaders at a strategic level with their skills, insights, and commitment. 

You will be responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education. Together with the head and senior leaders you will set the school's aims and policies and make decisions on how to spend the budget (in larger schools several million pounds). The head is responsible for day-to-day management, but they are recruited by the governors/trustees and works closely with the board.

The governing/trust/local board has legal standing and is regulated by statutory legislation.

What skills or experience do I need?

Anyone has the potential to be a governor/trustee. Governors come from all sections of the community: parents, staff at the school, the world of business, representatives of local councils and churches, in fact, anyone. There is always a need for enthusiastic and committed people who have a passion to support every child in education and ensure they have access to a positive and safe school environment.

(Note: all governors/trustees are subject to an enhanced DBS check and required to complete Child Protection and Safeguarding training within new Governor Induction course)

You don't have to be an expert but being able to work as part of team, have an open and honest outlook and with the ability to remain objective to come to balanced decisions, is a key requirement.

Specialist skills such as budget management, data analysis, human resources, health and safety or legal work are also beneficial to the role but not essential.

Will the role require me being available during school hours?

Whilst some commitment will be required during the working day (e.g. governor visit), most of the time and commitment needed is outside of school business hours (e.g. board meetings)  

Where will I be located?

A school within Hertfordshire.  An application form you are asked to complete will ask you to identify the area(s) you are willing to travel to.  Some boards have a mix of face to face and online meetings, so there may be times you are working from home. 

What will I gain from the role?

Being a governor/trustee is an opportunity to have your voice heard and to influence education in the county and positively impact on children’s learning and outcomes.

There will be lots of opportunities to learn new skills and practices at the same time as developing your existing personal skill set. You will have the experience of being part of a team who are all working together for the good of the school community.

What support will I be given?

Training is available and encouraged in all aspects of governance, to help you fully understand your role and equip you with additional skills necessary to provide relevant support to your chosen school or academy.

These skills and experience you acquire can be transferred beyond the governance role as you put your training into action.

We also have a dedicated HFL Education governance team which works to support governors and governing bodies in all Hertfordshire local authority maintained schools.

My spare time is limited, I don’t think I can fit it in?

Governance is regarded as public office, so governors can often negotiate time off work for public duties with their employer. Governance is not a regular commitment beyond a number of termly meetings, school visits and other aspects of the role can be undertaken at your own convenience. School leaders will always work to find a time that suits you both.

Will I receive expenses?

Individual governing boards decide whether to pay expenses for governors/trustees. You will need to liaise with the board to request that information.

How do I find out more?

Apply now or contact us:

Phone:  HFL Education on 01438 544487




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