Roadside memorials

For many families an important part of the grieving process following a road death involves placing items in memory of a family member at the roadside.

Temporary memorials

Flowers or small decorations are allowed to be placed at the roadside for 1 month after the collision.

Your Police Family Liaison Officer can explain how to place these on the highway to ensure that other road users are kept safe.

When placing memorials at the side of the road, make sure they:

  • are placed in a safe location
  • don’t distract other road users
  • don't cause an obstruction to members of the public or our workforce (when they're undertaking verge cutting and other maintenance activities).

Items will be removed if it's felt they put others in danger. If these items aren't flowers, your Police Family Liaison Officer will return them to you.


Permanent memorials

Permanent structures aren't allowed to be placed at the roadside and will be removed.

You might be able to plant a small tree or put a bench at a suitable location. Your Police Family Liaison Officer will work with us to see if this is possible.


Support and advice

  • Road Victims Trust – free support for people affected by fatal road collisions.
  • Road Peace – a national charity for road collision victims.


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