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Hertfordshire County Council



"Employers need to be aware of the prejudices surrounding care leavers and focus more on recognising the potential. Like other young people starting off in their careers, care leavers also deserve to be encouraged and trained in the world of employment. Care leavers lack the support and encouragement they would have otherwise received from home/families and this is why employers should ensure they are actively motivating those that are disadvantaged."

Jennifer, 26



Pledge from Anthony Rowlands, county councillor: "I pledge to challenge negative stereotypes about care leavers when I hear them."Pledge from Caroline Cook, head of service for care leavers: "I pledge to always support and encourage care leavers to aim high and to challenge anyone who doesn't do the same!"Pledge from George Shipman, service development manager: "I pledge to support services and be ambitious for care leavers and to promote the new care leaver offer."



"Don’t judge us by the stereotype you hear and see about young people in care. There are times where we require additional support and understanding. Give us a chance. Believe in us. Accept us for who we are."

Paige, 25


"It’s never too late to be whoever and whatever you want to be. Don’t give up, things get hard and difficult at times but don’t let it get you down, set yourself some small goals ask for guidance and help if needed. You are capable of achieving anything you set your heart on, push yourself and be proud always."

Paige, 25


"Care leavers are constantly faced with negative preconceptions from people usually expecting less from them. My advice to my fellow care leavers and children in care is to: take advantage of opportunities and support provided by corporate parents (i.e. educational/training support till the age of 25 and accepting council property only when ready), ask for help when things become difficult, resist peer pressure and use your adversity as a drive to succeed."

Jennifer, 26


"My advice to other care leavers would be to set yourself goals that motivate, inspire and scare you. Just remember that self-love and self-compassion is key too. Life is about balance, so do the things you enjoy and don’t let work take over your life as your health and wellbeing should always come first. You truly can achieve anything you put your mind to."



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