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Hertfordshire County Council


CGL Spectrum
Offers clinical interventions, as well as psychological and social support for any age. Treatments are tailored to your needs by a range of professionals, under one roof. They also offer an alcohol telecoms service for help via phone or video call.

The Living Room
Offers intensive, daily support for alcohol and any other addictions for any age. Treatments are abstinence-based and follow a structured programme based on the 12-step process, including peer support.


Self help support

These services can help you spot the signs of dependency, understand the physical and mental impacts, and provide useful ways to cut down.


Recovering from alcohol or drug use

When you're back on track you may need some help with housing or finding a job.

Support for over 18's

  • Your local JobCentre Plus can provide career and training advice.
  • - Gain work experience by volunteering.
  • Emerging Futures - providing temporary accommodation, move on housing and a chance of a healthier lifestyle.

Support for under 18's


Support for families and carers

If you're worried about someone you know or you're affected by their substance abuse, you can get help and support.


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