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Hertfordshire County Council

When you submit this form you are sending your information to Hertfordshire County Council (as the Data controller) the data on this form is being gathered for the purpose of registering your details to generate a referral to Herts Help for the Herts Warmer Homes scheme.

Hertfordshire County Council will use this information to generate a referral to Herts Help (an organisation facilitated by Pohwer, and the National Energy Foundation which are duly authorised to act by Hertfordshire County Council) who can assist you in accessing the scheme.

This information is being gathered and will be processed on the basis that you are giving consent for us to do so. If you wish to withdraw consent at any time you can do so by contacting

The information you give us will be held securely by Herts Help, and will only be used to assist you in accessing the Herts Warmer Homes scheme.

In order to deliver this service Herts Help will share your information with partner agencies involved with Herts Help and the Herts Warmer Home project (administered by Hertfordshire County Council).

The information that you supply to us will be kept on file until the Herts Warmer Homes project is evaluated by July 2020. including how to remove your data, visit our website privacy policy.

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