If you’re not happy with a decision about your child’s home to school transport, you have the right to challenge the decision.

We've created a transport appeals process to help you. This is done in 2 stages. 

You can challenge a decision if you feel that:

  • The Home to School Transport policy hasn't been applied correctly. For example, you disagree with the mode/method of transport provided for your child.
  • You have compelling reasons to justify making an exception to the policy. For example, your child is not eligible for home to school transport but you believe your individual circumstances are so exceptional that transport should be provided.

All other issues regarding transport must be pursued through the Complaints Procedure.

Stage 1 – Discretionary Transport Panel

If you want your case to be considered, you can apply for it to be reviewed by the Discretionary Transport Panel.

Discretionary panels only agree short-term transport for a specific amount of time, usually for no more than a term. If you want transport arrangements to continue for longer, you must reapply at least 2 weeks before the end of the agreement.

The panel will send you their decision in writing, within 5 working days of the decision being made.

If your request is unsuccessful, you have the opportunity to appeal to the Transport Appeal Panel.

Email schooltransport@hertfordshire.gov.uk for details of how to appeal to the Discretionary Transport Panel.

Stage 2 – Transport Appeal Panel

This is an independent panel made up of managers who have had no previous involvement with your case.

You can only appeal to the Transport Appeal Panel once your application has been considered and rejected by the Discretionary Transport Panel.

You have the right to appeal to the Transport Appeal Panel if:

  • your child is refused free home to school transport
  • you disagree with the method of transport offered.

Email schooltransport@hertfordshire.gov.uk for a transport appeal form.

How the appeals process works

The transport appeals guide for parents (PDF 148kb) explains in more detail how the appeals process works and how panels make their decisions.

You'll need to provide written evidence to support your case e.g. a letter from a doctor or consultant to explain your child's condition.

You can also attend the hearing to present your case to the panel.

The panel will take into account:

  • The relevant Hertfordshire transport policy
  • Information provided on the transport appeal form, together with any accompanying evidence
  • Any verbal representations made at the hearing
  • The written case put forward by an admissions and transport team representative.

If you're unhappy following an appeal

The decision of the Transport Appeal Panel is final. 

When you receive the decision letter, if you consider that there has been a failure to comply with the procedural rules, or if you feel there are any other irregularities in the way your appeal was handled, you may have a right to refer the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman for further investigation. This is not a further right of appeal.

Further information is available at the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) website.