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Hertfordshire County Council

What can you do after you've been offered a secondary or upper school place?

You have the following options:

Contact these schools direct if you have a query about allocations or continuing interest


 Accept or reject the offer

You can no longer accept or reject an offer online.

Email if you still need to respond to a previous offer. Include your child's name and date of birth.

Alternatively, complete and return the allocation response form.

We recommend that you accept your offer – even if it's not your highest preference. This will ensure your child has a school place for September.

This won't affect your chances of getting one of your higher preference schools, either on the continuing interest list (waiting list) for a particular school, or through a school place appeal.

If you reject the place offered, you must tell us what alternative education provision you'll be making for your child.

If you don't accept or reject the school place, we may offer your place to another child. You will then be offered a place at the nearest school that still has places available.

Opt out of continuing interest if you're happy with the school you've been allocated and you don't want to pursue a place at any higher preference school through the continuing interest process.

Continuing interest – re-allocating school places

The continuing interest process is how we re-allocate school places that have been rejected. We do this in 2 countywide "runs".

You can have up to 4 preferences at continuing interest, including academies, community, voluntary aided and foundation schools, either in or outside Hertfordshire.

Your continuing interest preferences will overwrite your initial preferences, so you must include any schools you initially applied to that you still wish to be considered for.


Schools whose allocations are administered by us

If you have not been offered your highest preference school, you are automatically added to the continuing interest list (waiting list) for any higher preference schools in Hertfordshire.

For example, if you were offered your 3rd preference school, you will be considered for any places available at your 1st and 2nd preference schools.

For schools outside of Hertfordshire, you must check with them direct whether you've been automatically added to their continuing list.

Academies, voluntary aided and foundation schools

Most of these schools create their own continuing interest list of children who applied to them, but did not get a place.

These schools make their own decisions at continuing interest, but we offer continuing interest places on their behalf.

View the schools you need to contact direct about their allocation and continuing interest process.

If you'd like to apply for a place at an academy, voluntary aided or foundation school that you didn't initially rank, you need to make a new application.

Opting out

If you're happy with the school you've been allocated and you don't want to pursue a place at any higher preference school, you must opt out or you risk losing your existing school place.

The deadline for opting out online has passed (15 March). If you still want to opt out, email with:

  • your child's name and date of birth
  • the name of the school continuing interest list(s) you want to opt out of.

If you're satisfied with your offer but you don't opt out of continuing interest, and you are offered a place at a higher preference school, your existing place will automatically be offered to another child.

First run of continuing interest

19–23 March 2018 – the first continuing interest run takes place.

8 March 2018 – was the last date to submit any changes to your preferences to be included in this first run.

If you change your application...

If you make a new application, it will overwrite your existing application.

Make sure you include any schools from your original application that you still wish to be considered for.

Most schools will only consider existing applications at the first continuing interest run (i.e. preferences made on your initial application).

However, the following Hertfordshire schools will also accept new applications at the first run of continuing interest:

  • Freman College (Upper) (Buntingford)
  • Hockerill Anglo-European College (boarding only) (Bishop's Stortford)
  • John F Kennedy Roman Catholic School (Hemel Hempstead)
  • Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School (St. Albans)
  • St Mary's Catholic School (Bishop's Stortford)
  • St Mary's Church of England High School (Cheshunt)
  • Townsend Church of England School (St. Albans)

You can add any of these schools to your list of preferences when you log in.

If a place becomes available and your child is first on the continuing interest list, the place will be automatically allocated to you – we'll let you know by email or letter (we can't tell you over the phone). Your previous offer will be automatically withdrawn. We won't write to you if you've been unsuccessful.

After the first continuing interest run, you can check where you are on continuing interest lists by logging in to the admissions system after 26 March.

Second (and final) run of continuing interest

23–27 April 2018 – the second continuing interest run.

All Hertfordshire schools will accept new applications at this stage.

Submit any changes to your preferences between 26 March and 6 April 2018 to be included in this second run.

If you change your application...

Remember, any new application will overwrite your existing application.

Make sure you include any schools from your original application that you still wish to be considered for.

Log in to the admissions system
to amend your preferences.

We'll contact you with your new offer of a school place, if you're successful at this stage.

If you are unsuccessful, you can log in to the admissions system after 30 April to check your child's position on the continuing interest lists. We can't give you this information over the phone.

After the second continuing interest run

After the second run of continuing interest, places will be allocated as and when vacancies occur until the end of the summer term (we'll confirm the exact date nearer the time).

You can continue to check your child's position on the continuing interest list. We'll regularly update this information until continuing interest lists close at the end of the summer term.

If you haven't been successful at continuing interest and you still want your child to be considered for a place, you'll need to make an in year application at that time.

Changing your address for continuing interest

To change your address for continuing interest, provide us with proof of address by:

  • 8 March 2018 (first run of continuing interest)

  • 6 April 2018 (second run of continuing interest).

Suitable proof of address is:

  • a letter from your solicitor confirming your completion date took place before the relevant date above, or

  • a signed rental agreement of at least 12 months showing the start of your tenancy on or before the relevant date above.

You must also provide proof that you and your child live permanently at the new address and you no longer have any residential ties to a previous address.

You can email with your proof of address.

Rule 2 – exceptional medical and social reasons

We'll only consider applications under rule 2 (medical or social reasons) when you first apply for a school.

However, if your child's medical or social circumstances have changed a lot since your original application, you can apply under rule 2 at the continuing interest stage.

You'll need to tell us the change in circumstances and include relevant professional evidence.

To be considered for continuing interest, you need to provide us with your evidence by:

  • 8 March 2018 (for the first run of continuing interest)

  • 6 April 2018 (for the second run of continuing interest)

You can attach evidence to your online application or email



Application and allocation reports

Check how places were allocated at each of the schools or academies you applied for (where we administer their arrangements).

  • Application and allocation statistics (PDF, 1.75mb) – summarises the applications and allocations made to Hertfordshire schools. The data includes on-time and late applications for children living in and outside of Hertfordshire.

Allocation summary reports show how each school's rules were applied and how many allocations were made under each rule. The reports only contain information about schools and academies whose arrangements are administered by us.

Out of county schools
and Hertfordshire voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies that administer their own arrangements will be able to provide you with similar allocation information. Contact the school direct.