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Hertfordshire County Council

Members of the Herts Road Safety Partnership visited a school in Oxhey during November 2023 to support National Road Safety Week.

Oxhey Wood Primary School were open to inviting all partners along to provide some much-needed road safety education to each of the classes, to help keep children safe when walking, scooting and cycling near roads.

Activities included a 40-minute presentation from Herts Police, School Crossing Patrol talks, Speed Check activities and a Traffic Survey plus a special visit from the Watford Fire Crew and Reqs the Fire Dog to talk about Distractions and Be Bright Be Seen.   In addition, the children designed a large road safety banner attaching it to the school railings, to create a buzz on the day. The topic of ‘speed’ was chosen as there is an issue with vehicles speeding in the local area and it supported the National Road Safety Week theme.

The event received full support from partners, the school and the local community. Other positive outcomes were that both Oxhey Wood Primary and Warren Dell Primary School have signed up to work on a Modeshift STARS Travel Plan to have some more road safety initiatives for the children. We’ve also had some positive interest in two School Crossing Patrol vacancies in the area, which have previously been hard to fill.

Everyone took something away from the event, thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

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