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Hertfordshire County Council

Rights, responsibilities and entitlements

Learn more about your rights, entitlements and the things you're responsible for when you are in care and when you leave care.

Our pledge to children and young people in careMoney advice for young people living in care

Travel costs

If you're 18 and in education or training, you could get a student bus travel card (half price bus fares in Hertfordshire) and / or a student train travel
card (30% off train fares). That depends on your assessed travel needs.

Speak to your social worker for more detail.

Clothing allowances

When you first start to be looked after, you might not have all the clothes you need. In that case, we might give you a one off clothing allowance. This allowance is paid to your carer.

The maximum allowance is set out below – what you receive will
depend on what you need.

Initial clothing allowance







Weekly Clothing Allowance

You and your carer or worker will decide how your weekly allowance is used. You might decide to save it for a shopping spree or to use it all in one go each month.

Your carer or worker must make sure that you have enough essential clothing, such as school uniform, shoes and a coat, before you can spend your allowance on other items.

Weekly clothing allowance









Additional clothing allowance

You might get an additional allowance for school uniform or work clothes to help when you change schools or start work. This will be paid to your carer or keyworker. The allowances are:


On commencing primary school


On commencing secondary school


On changing secondary school


On beginning work or remaining at school after
minimum school leaving age


Talk to your worker about clothing allowances.


Birthday and festival allowances

You'll get £100 which may be in the form of a gift card or money. In addition to this amount, your carer or keyworker will have a further allowance to spend on celebrating your birthday, Christmas or festival of your choice.

Education or training equipment

Depending on your needs and the type of education or training you're in, you might be entitled to a grant of up £475 a year. That's for things like stationery, software, education visits and books.

If you're 16–21 and taking a further education course (level 2 or above), you could get a one-off computer grant of up to £500.

Talk to your worker for more information.


Driving lessons

If driving lessons are agreed and set out in your pathway plan, we'll pay for 1 provisional driving licence, 1 theory test, 1 practical test and 5 one hour driving lessons. That's if:

  • you match the cost of 5 one hour driving lessons
  • you're in education, training or employment for 3 months. Lone parents and young people with disabilities might be exempt from this
  • you have no driving convictions.

Ask your worker for more detail.

Making a complaint

Tell your social worker whow you feel about the way you're looked after. They will always consider what you think when they make decisions.

You can also make a complaint to us if you're unhappy with your care or a service we provide.

Get your worker to help you. Or you can get an advocate to help – they don't work for us, they're independent and confidential.

National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS)

NYAS are an independent advocacy service. This means they don’t work for us and they can work with you to make a complaint or access your records.

Phone: 0808 808 1001




Accessing the information we hold about you

You can ask us for a copy of the records we hold about you.

You need to request your records in writing.

We'll let you know when the information is ready as soon as possible. We'll tell you if it isn't possible to trace all the information within 40 days.

More about accessing your information