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Hertfordshire County Council

Get a carer's assessment

This is an opportunity to discuss how caring for someone affects your life, what's important to you and how we can help. This might include taking a break from caring, advice on local services, planning for the future or technology that could help.

You can have an assessment on your own or with the person you care for.

Find out what happens next and how to get ready in our carer's assessment booklet (PDF 463kb) or our Carer’s Assessment easy read factsheet (PDF 664 kb)


Create a carer's 'in case of emergency' plan

Complete a plan to let us know you care for someone who is aged 18 or over. If you're suddenly unwell or unavailable, we'll have all the information we need to quickly arrange care. 

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If you need help completing the form, watch our video guide or contact us.

Carer’s In Case of Emergency leaflet (PDF 668kb) more about the plan.

You can print a copy of your completed form, for your own records. Here's an example (PDF 75kb).


What happens next?

After you complete the form

  • We'll send you a letter within 7 working days confirming that your plan is in place and include a copy of your plan.
  • We'll also send you an "I am a carer" card and key fob with the reference number for your plan. Keep it in your purse, wallet, phone or keyring.
  • We’ll also send a letter which you can take to your GP surgery to notify them that you have a plan in place.
  • If things change update the plan by calling 0300 123 4042.

If you need to update your plan

Call us on 0300 123 4042 or just start a new one.

If there's an emergency

  • Hospital and emergency staff can use the details on your "I am a carer" card to contact us and arrange support for the person you care for. We'll use your emergency contacts or arrange care ourselves.
  • If you are unavailable for a long time, we'll carry out a review to see if the person you care for needs further support.


Tell your GP and Carers in Herts

We'll let Carers in Hertfordshire and your GP know, so you can get advice and support.

Your GP might be able to offer you flexible appointments, health checks and flu jabs.

If you'd prefer, you can print a form (PDF 185kb) and post it to us instead.



Other help with day to day caring

These are a few things that could help you in your day to day life as a carer.

Equipment and technology


Services in the community

There are services which can make day to day caring easier. Getting some help at home or staying on top of paperwork can make all the difference.


Get help for the person you care for

You can’t always do it all by yourself, sometimes you might need help. We can speak to the person you care for to see how we can support them to stay independent, active and safe. Ask us for social care help.


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