Recreational, Commuter and Sport Cycling

Hertfordshire Cycling is a project we started a few years ago to encourage people to cycle more. We work with schools, clubs, businesses and cyclists of all abilities to let them know about the events and routes around Hertfordshire.

Find a cycling club

There are many cycling clubs around Hertfordshire that are suitable for different abilities.

Find a cycling club near you

Hertfordshire cycling routes

This summer we've been busy mapping all of our best cycling routes in Hertfordshire. You can watch them on our youtube channel.

We also have a Hertfordshire map with cycle routes clearly marked on it. You can email us to request a free map or download a version.

The Countryside Management Service has information on lots of cycling routes in Hertfordshire and includes:

  • How long the route is
  • the time it will take to cycle it
  • what level of ability you will need to be.

Tour of Hertfordshire

All the information for the Tour of Hertfordshire 2017 events are on the website. We are working on how to keep this very successful family-friendly series going into 2018 and beyond.

 You can follow us on twitter at @hertscycling for all the latest news.