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Hertfordshire County Council

We have historical books about Hertfordshire dating back to the 1600s.

Local studies catalogue online

A good starting point would be to search our local studies library catalogue.

Books and pamphlets at the archives

Some of our books aren't catalogued or are only available at the archives.

Come and visit the archives in Hertford to view documents.  You don't have to make an appointment, though some items may not be available on Saturdays.

The Lewis Evans Collection

This is a major collection of hundreds of books and pamphlets about Hertfordshire, though it isn't completely catalogued yet. It once belonged to Lewis Evans, a great collector of antique books. The remainder of his collection is at Oxford University.

The Reginald Hine collection

This Hitchin-based local historian and author collected over 300 books relating to Hertfordshire.  They often contain his own handwritten notes and additional cuttings.

Original manuscripts can be found for some his works under reference DZ/23 in the archive catalogue.


You can search our pamphlet collection in the Local Studies Library.  It contains a wide range of cuttings, photocopied extracts, sales particulars and typescript notes. 

Some of the rare pamphlets date back to the 17th century and cover subjects such as sermons, witchcraft and travel.

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