Guided walk leaders

Promoting walking and other activities in the countryside to encourage more people to get active and reap the benefits. 



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What will I be doing?

You'll take part in a range of activities, including:

  • Leading a well-organised, enjoyable and informative walk or event
  • Making attendees feel welcome and safe
  • Researching and planning routes, and being aware of possible alternative routes
  • Ensure there is a qualified first aider and a first aid kit is carried on the walk
  • Register the walk online at
  • Enjoying the walks and encourage the walkers to do the same!
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What skills or experience do I need?

Previous experience isn't necessary. New leaders can be paired up with those who are more experienced, to provide support. This role is a good fit for individuals who enjoy walking and meeting new people.

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How much time do I need to give?

Guided walks generally last around two hours and can be one-off or regular events.

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Where will I be located?

Walks can be organised anywhere in Hertfordshire.

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What will I gain from the role?

Leading a guided walk will give you the opportunity to keep fit, meet new people and get out in the fresh air. You will also be helping the CMS to get more people out enjoying the countryside and keeping active.

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What support will I be given?

You can attend a free one day guided walk leader training course.

When you enrol as a leader you'll receive:

  • Access to further training courses, such as habitat management and first aid refresher courses
  • Insurance from Hertfordshire County Council (HCC)
  • Support from your CMS coordinator and fellow volunteers
  • Necessary paperwork and promotional materials to organise the walk effectively
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How do I find out more?

Apply now, visit our Countryside Management Service pages or contact us:



Phone: 01992 588433