Rights of Way volunteers

There are more than 3,000km of footpaths, bridleways and byways in the county providing opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors. Becoming a Rights of Way volunteer allows you to contribute to the upkeep of these routes via surveys or carrying out practical improvements outdoors in small teams.


What will I be doing?

You'll help to survey, maintain and improve the network of routes across Hertfordshire.

What skills or experience do I need?

You don't need any experience - everyone is welcome.

How much time do I need to give?

As a surveyor you report when it suits you. If you adopt a promoted route we’d like you to monitor it at least twice per year. Team practical sessions are planned as and when suitable work has been identified. Timing is flexible and may depend on the work.

Where will I be located?

You can survey paths where you want to within Hertfordshire. Locations of practical tasks will depend on where the work is identified but will generally be spread across the county.

What will I gain from the role?

By surveying the Rights of Way and undertaking light maintenance you can help to keep our path network open and accessible. Training opportunities are offered to volunteers to further their skills and knowledge. Social events are organised for volunteers to meet with groups working in different areas.

What support will I be given

  • We will send you a pack explaining the role and how to get started.
  • Necessary materials such as maps and survey forms will be provided.
  • Training on Rights of Way law, maintenance, waymarking and structures will be provided. Additional training in first aid, leading volunteers and habitat management is also available.
  • Each volunteer has an allocated member of staff who is available to answer any queries and provide support where it is needed.
  • When working in a practical volunteer team a trained leader will be present. Tools and materials will be provided.

Will I receive expenses?

You can claim travel expenses to and from training days if you are using public transport or if you are using your own vehicle.

How do I find out more?

Apply now, visit our Countryside Management Service pages or contact us:

Email: northeast.cms@hertfordshire.gov.uk


Phone: 01992 588433