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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council operates within the East of England Permit Scheme.

The scheme applies to any person or organisation who wishes to carry out roadworks / streetworks or other notifiable activities on the highway. Detailed information regarding what activities are covered by the scheme can be found within the scheme document.

Permit scheme documents


Permit applications

Where the Permit Scheme is in operation, any Promoter as prescribed in the regulations who wishes to perform or carry out an activity must first obtain a permit from the relevant Permit Authority. This permits the Promoter to carry out the specified activity, at the specified location, between the dates shown and agrees the conditions which may be attached.

Permit applications, wherever possible, must be made electronically using the EToN system, but where this is not possible, Promoters may use the application form below. Before submitting an application form, Promoters are encouraged to contact the relevant authority to ensure the correct process is followed and all relevant information is included.

Annual reports 

Take a look at scheme evaluation reports for Years 1 – 9.

Evaluation reports


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