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Home composting

Food compost


What is home composting?

Composting is the natural process of turning organic matter such a kitchen or garden waste into highly nutritious soil known as compost. 

Composting at home is a great and easy way to reduce the amount of waste and greenhouse gas emissions you produce whilst nourishing your garden with rich and crumbly compost!



Compost bin


Buy a home composter

Save the trouble of building a compost heap by buying your own composter through our supply partner Get Composting. These composters are great for smaller spaces and are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Order from or call 0800 316 4454.

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Managing your compost heap

Managing a homemade compost heap or bin

  • Speed up the process by turning your heap occasionally with a garden fork to aerate it, mixing the outside ingredients to the inside.
  • Cover your bin to keep the rain out and to keep it warm.
  • Make sure to keep your heap moist in hot and dry weather.
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Managing a composter you bought

  • As you wont be able to easily turn the material in a compost bin you need to make sure there is the right mix of materials with 50% of greens and 50% of browns.
  • Composters have a plastic lid to keep the rain out and warmth in so you don’t need to cover it!

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A homemade compost pile with garden and kitchen waste

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