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Hertfordshire County Council


Home composting

Hertfordshire Waste Partnership has teamed up with to provide an offer on home compost bins and other green products.

Offers available to Hertfordshire residents

  • Discounts on a range of home composting and water saving products.
  • Buy one get one half price on compost converters and rainsaver kits.
  • 3 for 2 on kitchen caddy liners.

See the full range of offers

How to order

  • Visit
  • Call 0844 571 4444 and quote reference HERT10L
  • Complete and return the postal order form in our leaflet below.

Leaflet and order form

What can be composted?

  • Dry items such as leaves, dead plants, cardboard and paper.
  • Wet items such as tea bags, vegetable peelings, grass and fruit.
  • For the best compost, try to get an equal mixture of wet and dry items.

What to avoid composting

  • Cooked food, plate scrapings, meat and dairy products.
  • Glass, metal and glossy paper.
  • Diseased plants and animal litter.

Recycle them instead

How long does it take?

  • It takes 9 to 12 months to produce compost at home.
  • Put your home composter in the sun to speed up the process.

Where can I buy it?

  • All of our household waste recycling centres (except Buntingford and Cole Green) sell 50 litre bags of 100% recycled and peat free soil improver for £4.

Find your nearest household waste recycling centre